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JOEY BADA$$ Perception Vs. Reality

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Perception or reality, now what’s realer?
And can I really trust that man in the mirror?
The death-span of the human mind gets nearer
Can’t withstand time when you’re raised out here
Raised out here
When you’re raised out here
When you’re raised out here
Raised out here
When you’re raised out here
Only place guaranteed is the grave out here

Raised out here, you’re never really here, but out here
Welcome to the jungle, yo, you’re living in fear
Lions, tigers and bears, hunters gather your spears
How the hell we gonna survive for the next hundred years?
And it’s hard to stay alive when one side don’t share
Be the food or eat the shit, either way say your prayer
And if we are what we eat then we’re already deceased
That’s why my squad rolls deep in the bellies of beasts
Posted at the deli, heli’s over the streets
The block cold heat, now I’m soaking my feet
No, my hands ain’t dirty, but as you can see
I’m another misconception of reality
So when the ‘po drop by he ain’t gotta ask me
About the body that somebody caught last week
I ain’t finna go downtown in no backseat
Cause perception is reality when black like me
Perception or reality, it’s more than meets the eye, I know


Perception or reality, now what’s realer?
And do you really base judgement ’bout what I’m hearing
Young rich nigga, chinchilla, other [?]
Objects in this mirror seem closer than they appear
Everything ain’t gold
But these days I might pay up just to say it ain’t so
Gotta get it, I gotta get that dough
Gotta get my mama in a new Range Rove
And what you saying though?
And yes I meant [?]


So, what’s your perception when you see a big bald-headed inmate standing on stage wearing prison boots?
Are you thinking I wonder what that guy did? or look at those tattoos, he must be one of those white supremacists or a gang member.
(Black like me) Are you curious to what the reality may be?
The reality for me is…