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JOEY BADA$$ Piece Of Mind

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Piece Of Mind Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

[Intro Skit:]
Yeah I hear you bro, I hear you
You got a minute?
Yeah I got a quick sec
Alright I want you to hear somethin’, I’m play somethin’ for you alright?
Alright, alright
Yo yo you hear it bro?

Alright listen, listen
Let me tell you what shit is like right now y’all

[Verse 1:]
What life like now, tryna figure out
They put this mic on trial cause he be killin’ now
Forever bitin’ my forbidden style
Laying low for a minute in the game
Since I came all these niggas lookin’ timid
My life can never dimeth, the Lord is my sheppard
Jesus woke a devil in him, the sinnin’ with least effort
Thinking back to those lefferts days
And I ain’t been the same since I left 6th grade
My mind’s strayin’, you think I had the biggest heart
Taking walks with abuela in the park just to tell her
I’ma grow propellers one day and be a good fella
Play the hero or whoever, the hood gon’ tell us
Let’s just pray it ain’t the villain
Tell ’em I be feeling some way
Thinkin’ I can get the Maybach off gun play
Instead I let the words play with 90 beats a minute
Bet the streets lose a heart beat before the verse finish
But life goes on, basic rules still apply
And you can feel that lot in any hood that you live by
From Flatbush, to Figg side, I was a school boy too
Hoppin’ trains, I just missed my cue

[Hook x2:]
And what’s life like for me, it’s but a dream
Everything ain’t what it seems, up underneath
The surface is but a screen, we only see
What we know

[Verse 2:]
And what’s life like now, I can’t figure out
They put my mans on trial, say he a killer now
Conspiracies, we gon’ get you out
Just keep ya head up G, shit is wild
It’s bugged out cause I know you tryna see your child
But I’ma hold you down still cause you my brother
I just gave Will a lil’ somethin’ for your baby mother
But don’t stress, know you caught up in the b.s
But next time you see us, we gonna be our best
Love you my nigga, word is bond, you’ll stay strong
Out in New York this same shit is goin’ on
Peace to all my brothers who keep still holdin’ on
Been away so long, feel like a tickin’ time bomb
They make judgement to my kind, who the odds is against
Put our backs on the fence, so we self defence
Followed by a series of unfortunate events
Looking like white America got a brother again

[Hook x2]

Take shots to the face with no peace of mind
Give me my piece of mind
Take shots to the face with no peace of mind
Give me my piece of mind
This life is all we know, this life is all we know

[Outro skit:]
Man that’s crazy yo, that’s amazing b
Thank you bro
Word bro
That one is for you my nigga
Good lookin’ bro, good lookin’ man. That just boosted my adrenaline. It’s been ages, I gotta get out this joint b. I love y’all man, real bro, for real man. I think by every day that go by, I just be thinkin’ bout y’all for real. You, Kirk, everybody. I heard the new one on Rosenberg, that shit is a bomb one b
Oh you heard that shit!