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JOEY BADA$$ What About The Rest Of Us

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ What About The Rest Of Us Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$


[Action Bronson:]
Oh-five, pounds in the Laredo
They gotta get there today though
Ain’t no time for tryna lay low, babe bro
If you can’t do it, all you gotta do is say no
I’ll take it from there, Asians on grand ready to work it
Displayed a smirk like Mr. Perfect
Under the bridge behind the van in the cab I made the drop-off
Thank signs that nothin popped off
Since I was young, handled lots of foreign vehicles and things
My father wore the ring when he pushed me in the swing
Plus he pushed that red thing
I wanted to be like him so bad, wear the same shoes that he stepped in
Of course I need paper
I wanna ride the one-seater like Speed Racer
In the Jetta smokin a one sheet of the green acres
Listenin to bullshit music – thinkin how I’m gonna do this, uh

[Chorus – Rico Love:]
Uh, the temptation’s real
Even though we feel I’ve been here before, somebody help me
Lord, have mercy
It’s like the world we live in, was only designed for, somebody wealthy
But what about the rest of us?
What about the rest of us? Screamin, Somebody help me (somebody help me)
But what about the rest of us?
It’s like the world we live in, was only designed for, somebody wealthy (somebody wealthy)
{ Turn the lights on! }

[Joey Bada$$:]
Yeah yeah, yo
I’m from a place called the jungle where the livin’ is rough
It had me low for a while now I’m pickin’ it up
Holdin’ the spot straight stickin’ it rippin’ it up
I dropped (99 Problems) switchin’ and not givin’ a fuck
So what you want? Got your bitch nigga grippin’ her butt
Around my dick, takin’ pics nigga flickin’ it up
My clique is what’s up, get buck if you want
You’ll end up dumped chump in a pond, lake, in a trunk of New York
There’s no duckin’ me, the Bada$$, time for no fuckery
Won’t find a chick who got a dime or take a single buck from me
These hoes be lovin’ me, I keep it so G
Respectin’ where I be, nigga check your OG
My back flow will mirror your fat flows well here it go
My, visions is lineal when I’m rippin’ the video
It’s a lyrical miracle when I enter your stereo
The rarest breeds sick like venereal diseases, uh


[Rico Love:]
Dyin for nothin
Killin to live
Fightin for somethin
Too bad we don’t know what it is
What you think all of this cash for?
Tryna put stamps on my passport
Man I’m just schemin on new hoes
Already forgot ’bout my last broad