JOEY BADA$$ Alowha

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Alowha Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

Yea… back in this muthafucka
Reportin’ live from a lyrical high
One time

[Verse 1:]
Yo, with not a damn thing on my mind
But this rhyme, in a matter of time
To make this whole shit allign
Like I planned out, nothing in life gets handout
Just stand out, ever since I had to pop my fish and panned out
Pressure board ’til I’m fanned out
Now we the pop off the band
So they can’t keep their hands off of the man now
Divide their man, give ’em that S vitamin
Baby Cham style
Gots a Trini girl to soak it up, ShamWoW!
Damn child, you’re killin ’em
Fillin’ ’em, drillin’ ’em with serums, of pure adrenaline
High blood feelin’ like the thermostat cracked left mercury spillin’
Your favorite rapper tryna earn stacks from nursery children
True emcees write their verse and rehearse it a million times
Just for the rebirth of the feelin’ prime and golden
Shawty ask what I’m holdin’, teasin’ ’em
Knowing the magnum blast squeeze magnesium
Used to be mad premature now I’m at premium
From lookin’ up to niggas, to lookin’ up niggas meetin’ ’em
Meetings with ’em, give ’em a high pitch like curveballs and helium
Young scorcher trying to evolve like Charmeleon
Million, yeah nigga, just tryna get a million

[Verse 2:]
Got the bomb nigga, Baghdad, I’m blown away from a bad pass
Walk on grass, blow skunk, Ishamael so funk in the stash
My SB’s, enter money I never had
I was more authentic, vaporize when I got heated
Never jealous, solid as a rock n’ roll full plate
No po’ peddlers, just some Pro fellas
Who you know better? Never lost my groove I don’t know no Stella
It’s a cold world without Coachella
A shady bunch, like under Interscope umbrella
But that don’t phase me once, people say I’m crazy but
Call me young Evel cause I crazy stunt
I mace these punks, drop swank like it’s knowledge to ya
Mr. Bada$$ is the scholar’s tutors
Swank the lord and hallelujah
Still praying to the allahs, gods and judahs
Balance out my lows on the low high
Niggas ain’t know I sit so high
Balance out my lows on the low high
I’m like a low high

Yo, yo, yo, yo hit ’em high, hit ’em low
Leave ’em with no direction to go
Yo, yo, yo, yo hit ’em high, hit ’em low
Direct-less Indigos



JOEY BADA$$ Teach Me

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Teach Me Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

Won’t you teach me how to dance, how to dance
Won’t you teach me how to dance, teach how to dance

Okay life’s like, lifes like, just like a tango, tango
You gotta move that, move that, don’t break an ankle, ankle
Tell me if you see me, see me from your angle, angle
I’ll be your genie, genie, you be my angel, angel
Okay, how low can you go? A half million records sold
Soon as all the cash hit the floor
[?] and I’m bout to blow
Rock your body, go back and forth
[?] party, you’re at the fold
Hundred girls in the lobby after the show that I body
And after the show they prolly want to put forth for me
Put on a show for the Papi that I prolly want to see
So tell me what its gonna be she said
This hunny ain’t free


[Hook – Kiesza:]
Let me show you how to grove, babe
How to move about a suitcase
Take a trip without a shoelace
I can leave you if you want
Lemme help you move
Baby slide it, give you a little bit of guidance
Enjoy the ride, I’ll be your pilot
You gotta glide it
Close your eyes, come fly, I’ll show you how to vibe
Let me teach you how to dance, how to dance
I’mma teach you how to dance, how to dance, how to dance
Let me teach you how to dance, how to dance
I’mma teach you how to dance, how to dance, how to dance
Oooooh, oooooohhhhhh,
oooohhhhh, oooooooohhhhh

Okay now life’s like, life’s like, just like a salsa, salsa
You taste the spice right? Spice right?
We need some water, water
Lately been caught up, caught up, these steps need order, order
Bring it in closer, closer, let’s combine auras, auras
Okay, right foot, left foot, let’s go
Take my hand, take me [?] below
Bring it on there
What you got in store?
Rise up, look back at it
One jab at it
And I sear it’s so rough, it’s a bad habit
How I made the pussy dance? How that happen?
We could call that magic
Say poof and our boots is tappin’
The sweetest taboo you practice
The sweetest juice that I have sip
I was raised by the Sycamore tree
I was told not to bite every apple I see
But somehow that’s hard for me
Shorty make it clap, make it hard for me
Come grab the mic, spit a bar for me
Show me what you know, tell it all to me



Teach me how to dance and groove me out my pants
And my body through a trance and fuck we just like a sin


JOEY BADA$$ 95 Til Infinity

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ 95 Til Infinity Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

[Verse 1:]
And we smoking, toking potent herb
Preaching spoken words that might just poke your nerves
Hope you ain’t scared, my jeep go Scrrrr
I peep the obscured, and what ain’t normally easy to observe
I swear I’m born abnormally absurd
If I give you a piece of mind, you’ve been disorderly disturbed
That’s my word, flip similes and verbs, now I’m eating
Retreating for seconds and thirds, y’all niggas seasoned (Oh, you salty)
Don’t worry what we ate, you don’t want that plate
I combine yours with mine quake, and make the earth shake
Supernatural disaster on you half-ass rappers
Pass the herb to an actual pastor, word to the black lip bastard
That drop knowledge like a Five Percenter
Every time I drop a line, it touch like five placentas
Schooling your offspring, drop heat all spring
And stay hot for five Novembers, I think y’all niggas lost me

95 ’til infinity time
We in disguise behind enemy lines
Women with no identity signs, they can’t get my lines
I used to give a fuck you could find

95 ’til infinity time
We in disguise behind enemy lines
And I just kill it every time

[Verse 2:]
Instead of lead slugs, I spreads the love
Like a bed bugaboo does, I’m in the W with your lovable slut
I’m in the walls while you bugging her up
I’ll do your girl like this beat, straight fucking it up
Y’all niggas nothing to us, this feels like nothing to us
Son, taught your daughter how to bust a nut for fun
Recollect and collect the funds
When she see the sun spit the proceeds when I cum
’99, ’til infinity beyond
Hold my peace full of energy ’til my enemies be gone
Until then niggas in my vicinity gone
Peep the melody we on, but they don’t know the remedy to these songs
Basic necessities on how to be put on
Cause they see my team, we strong, Beastcoast in your region
If you get dropped you can’t rejoin, they wanna know
Whose shoulder we leaning on but all we do is show them who we leading on


[Verse 3:]
Cause they will never stop for a young black male
Black mailed in braille that means what he felt
And the very reveal could appeal
Put you on the Alcatraz trail or railroad to hell
Oh well, some of us is taught there is help
The other source is lost in all sorts of wealth
Uh, roots of all evil
The highest stars Evel Knievel
I see through people’s door, the world may never know
How my third pupil show, Incognito and cold needles flow
And I don’t throw subs, I throw torpedos
The Don, not Cheadle, this don got a Cornelius fro
Afro punk festivities
This for my negus that’s lying with queens like Nefertiti
Waking up to pyramids and big kitties
Gold soul theory, but what is life really



JOEY BADA$$ oG killuminati

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ oG killuminati Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

[Intro (Sample)]

[Verse 1: JOEY BADA$$]
I’m a beast with these flows
Two birds, one stoned, you get geese?d when trees rolled
They say I’m evil cause I trained my ego to see gold
Cause he know, seagulls couldn’t see these goals, please
It’s the return of the beast coast
No cash flashed, but the cheese still make teeth show
Incognito, is how you move on the strip
What you trynna be Vito? Well there’s rules to this shit
Don’t get clapped, ya’ll ain’t real spitters, ya’ll lips chapped
Better watch it, Mr. Nicewatch, don’t risk that
I got a 6 pack of bare skill that I spill like that
And everybody know (That shit crack!)
Ya’ll niggas softspoken, down below choking
The type to drop the soap when you soakin’ in front of most men
It makes sense why you want beef, well this frozen
It’s nuts for u in the tool, look hold em
Better shoot yourself Plaxico, because I’m next to go
The Progressive flows from New York to New Mexico
My lyrical span is what the fans is demandin’
Step into my box and that’s exactly what’chu stand in
Ain’t no half steppin’ ’round me
And you gotta drown a fish before you clown me
The young cop killer, I’m dat ill, so doc’ will ya
Give me two shots for 2Pac killer….nigga

[Verse 2: Capital STEEZ]
Soul searchin’ ’till my flows are perfect
I ain’t trynna be a slave to grow old from workin’
Sorry BADA$$, you lucky that I peeped it second
Tell them niggas keep it steppin’ with they beat selection
Check the melodies, it’s so heavenly
That shit’ll get your hips to move no 70’s
Audi-opium, can I bust soliloquies
Got that shit mix and mastered both remedies
Grab a spoonful, we sturrin’ up a pot
And you know we gotta serve it while it’s hot
I’m flowin’ like a volcano and drippin’ verses off the top
Dirty cops still swervin’ on the block
Lookin’ for black kids, that spittin’ up acid
It’s in my jeans so don’t worry where my parents is
Get with the script it’s that ignorant shit
And they bound to get sick of us quick but I ain’t sealin’ my lips
It’s a shift, I know you feel it man
We blowin’ up like a ceiling fan
Droppin’ off jewels like Killa Cam’s man
When it comes to kickin’ verses I’m Mr. Van Damme
Crushin’ strawberries it’s a jam
So throw up both hands if you can
Ironic how I’m killin’ this shit, until they bury me
My volume is going in depth with longevity



Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Like Me Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

[Intro – Joey Bada$$:]
One time
What’s the word
What’s the word
What’s the word
Yo yo yo yo yo, yo yo
Turn me up on the headphones

[Verse 1 – Joey Bada$$:]
If looks could kill I let the swank drill like a deadly weapon
I drop bombs on an enemy at any second
Look at me wrong I turn you to tomb stones
Lock you in the crosses, and you gone, then I throw my deuce up
Sip sangrita’s with your se?orita, like me gusta
See with that early morning cockadoo up to your rooster
I bet my cockiness will boost her confidence
Then you gon’ wonder where your highness went

[Refrain 1 – Joey Bada$$ BJ The Chicago Kid:]
I bet she get low for a nigga like me
She get low for a nigga like me
I bet she get low for a nigga like me
Low for a nigga like me

[Verse 2 – Joey Bada$$:]
So we burn the mary jane til’ the third degree
Some niggas bitin’ flows yo, that’s burglary
Same niggas actin’ like they never heard of me
A fuck nigga could get clocked, yo that’s word to me

[Refrain 2 – Joey Bada$$ BJ The Chicago Kid:]
He get blown for a nigga like
Get his head explode for a nigga like me
Put him on the floor for a nigga like me

[Verse 3 – Joey Bada$$:]
My mind boggles when time toggles
In the ocean of stars it’s hard to find goggles, we twist it up
So we put it in the air
Don’t let the j’s start unravelling
We gettin’ blown like a javelin
She throw it back like she time travelin’
Rocked the boat so well, she jumped out and started paddling
I’m screaming land ho! ’bout to hit for sure
I motorboat it slow then I ripped the flow
I’m pretty sure, like nice beat, this that
Even at my weakest I still leave her speechless
How you like those peaches?
Find me rotting the apple
‘Bout to bump so plump, ’bout to lock in the grapple
Feeling like the highest man about to tackle
Facts like the chat under the cap of the Snapple
Cats get decapitated for actin’ a fool
Blacks get their ass sprayed just for makin’ a move

[Refrain 3 – Joey Bada$$ BJ The Chicago Kid:]
We get high and say fuck the police
That?s why we get high and say fuck the police
That?s why we get high and say fuck the police

[Verse 4 – Joey Bada$$:]
Cause every time I make a move they be sweatin’ me
They want another black man in penitentiary
It’s even hard for that man standing next to me
Cause he could catch a bullet that was really meant for me
It’s like every step bring me close to destiny
And every breath I get closer to the death of me
I’m just tryna carry out my own legacy
But the place I call home ain’t lettin’ me

[Refrain 4 – Joey Bada$$:]
You can’t get by if you don’t respect an OG
You can’t get by if you don’t respect an OG
You can’t get by if you don’t respect an OG

[Verse 5 – Joey Bada$$:]
Cause every corner I turn a nigga testing me
And every morning I mourn just for the less of me
Sometimes I ask the Lord why he be blessing me
And not my brothers whose souls now rest in peace

[Refrain 5 – Joey Bada$$ BJ The Chicago Kid:]
I pray there’s hope for a nigga like me
Hope for a nigga like me
Just pray there’s hope for a nigga like me

[Verse 6 – Joey Bada$$:]
I’m something like the chairman of the board, ranted
I feel, invincible, like McMahon
One of the last original emcees that’s left standing on the planet
Strike like a meteor, do remedial damage, damnit
Cats can’t stand it, get they ass handed and branded
By the lyrical New York City bandit
True warrior like rembrandt
Yo some cats claim they fly but really been landed
I really can’t stand it
Let me take a seat, this a Rosa Parks ‘ol bum, now
Make some room for me
PE in your beeper, hun you can read it and weep
My old hoes call me now, leave a message after the beep
I don’t wanna speak no I don’t wanna speak
I don’t wanna speak no I don’t wanna speak
I just wanna be good, I just wanna be
I just wanna be free

[Refrain 5 – Joey Bada$$ BJ The Chicago Kid:]
I pray there’s hope for a nigga like me
Hope for a nigga like me
Just pray there’s hope for a nigga like me


JOEY BADA$$ Hillary Swank

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Hillary Swank Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

We don’t say swag no more we say swank

[Verse 1:]
Yo, yo, Hip-Hop’s a jungle
Uh, lost in his time I’m just tryna get it like a Porsche in it’s prime
These fake niggas sumblime, life of fine sights
Visual fortune but the price ain’t quite right
The slice ain’t quite ripe
Still pulling strings how I fly but I don’t like kites
How they gon’ treat Brooklyn’s finest not as fine as diamonds?
If I nice, surrounded by hard flow like Icelands
Now we getting icing, finances nice
And I don’t like surprises, I like superb prices rising
It’s the least I could do, these verses priceless
Rehearsing and bike in reverse her eyelid until she curse in silent
Got a problem solve it, all my Pros saw this
We all gon’ die and until then we mobbing
So don’t push me, Uh, I’m close to the pussy, even
Closer to the know-ledge dropped out of college
In advance hit the ground running like it’s ants in my pants
Honey, pop was a bumbaclot and had a queen bee Mommy
Uh, I love her to the tissue, disrespect my blood and it’s an issue
She like This you on the cover for real? Ah you so official.
Now go ahead and buy you some shoes that really fit you
I know she always think of little me, but now I got big literally
Worldwide and physically
I’m saying I used to take walks around Little Italy
Now I roam ’round Sicily
And I’m plotting on a mili

[Verse 2:]
Hmmm another loud pack another proud cat
Eight pound that, Hip-Hop sounds been profound back
Slow down that, metronome nigga
Let it hit home when the specimen showin’ gold glitter
Got an icy trigger, your true ideology
I can subtract one with the gun that’s true trigonometry
But that won’t coincide with the true nigga that I’m a be
It’s raw poverty I kicks philosophies
Not because I rock Soccer tees
I ain’t gon’ beg but I can plead
Rocking socking sockets out your knees
Fulfill your needs with similes not simiLIES
Spit that unfamiliar, put that on familia
For love Hip Hop, ladies rub your papillas
Fellas beat they chest like they Silverback Gorillas
It’s the new age, children of the crystal healers
Thinking I’m butterfly try catapult caterpillars

[Outro: x2]
After years of constructing they start the substance
So I keep my circumference of deep fried friends like dumplings
But fuck that nigga we munching, we hungry

Swanking [x3]
I see you Jigga!
Hilary Swanking


JOEY BADA$$ Blooming Blossoms (Flowers Pt. 1)

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Blooming Blossoms (Flowers Pt. 1) Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

If I ain’t know no better
I could have been sucked right up into the setup
But I kept my head up
And every time I fell I would get up
See I don’t need no nines and Berettas
I kill with the lines and the letters with the verbs and the nouns
Just a kid trying get his sound heard around
Jump into cyphers and keep the old timers astounded
They said he was the best in the surroundance
Cause everyone around him was drowinin’
In the fair one, no one son could pound him
With the lyrics, you pray you hear it
They said it’s bad hood credit, imagine good spirit
And one day his mom and dad will be cheerin’ to his grammy nomination
And proclamation to his world domination
Inauguration into greatness
From making rations to cakin’
2 AM and he be up like attic
He’s an addict, alarm clock pop, he back at it
Barely got any sleep
But, he gotta eat
Cause ain’t shit cheap and his soul/sole torned out of feet
He got dreams, but don’t plan on sleeping until he reach ’em
Until you out feastin’, paying houses where you sleep in
Until his album ready and his fans get it leaking just for sneak peaks and
Until then, his home is the booth
He spittin’ to the plaque it’s poof off his tooth
Like Hocus Pocus
Or word he’s too focused
You should quote it
His goal is the denial that he wrote it
Flowin’ like oceans and menstruals
Ink from the pen, lies within my credentials
They told me that I could be mental
But mommma always said that I was special
Haters tell me I should stop
My enemies tryin’ see me in the box
So the streets tell me to cop a Glock and pop it
But something down deep tells me I’m the next prophet
Like the new Muhammad or the new Marcus Garvey
Or probably, it makes sense why I’m so heavily guarded
Wait, no, please restart it
I’m heavenly guarded, it’s the golden child and for a while
God been looking down with a smile
Watchin’ me prosper
Attackin’ with the raps and then conquer
The junior Frank Sinatra, rapping out the Opera
You should spectate in the booth with a suit and binoculars
Like nigga it’s a honor, it’s motherfuckin’ honor