JOEY BADA$$ DSL (Da Special List)

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ DSL (Da Special List) Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

Puffing on that Eucalyptus
You can lift this dick in between your lipstick
If your eyes ain’t low like Ralph Lipshitz ,you dipshits
Even the polices want me cause I rip shit
Puffing that piff shit, Blow out five O’s like the Olympics
Evadin’ on a rip stick yelling Eat my dust
When cars for breakfast and lunch don’t get ate ’til dusk
I spit it hotter than the days it don’t get dusk ’til eight
And when you born in a maze, you learn to duck those strays
I know gang homies who wait around to buck those Tre’s
But me, I chose to skate around, ya know, Bust those tre’s
They get bucks, get paid, They get butt, get laid
Niggas who ball and shine hard, they get cut, catch fades
You see, I was one of those kids who stayed up passed late
So when it’s time for school, I got up and still passed, great
Get passed- I forgot my line
I do it nonchalant, Spit it through the wire like I’m Chaka Khan
I been killing ’em, Your bitch been feeling him
Ya’ll can’t be serious like films Ben Stiller in
Nobody iller than him at the top of his adrenaline
Flow sweet like cinnamon, Name a chick that I ain’t swimming in
Uh, got flow for days, I’m sure to get paid if
They hate the price on son’s life, it’s sure to get raised
But there’s no break when I got you pinned in
Said it uno, dos, tres then fin, I let him swim with like
Mad fishes, In the cut like mad stitches
I know you mad bitches mad how my style switches
So, frequently be freaking MC’s with these frequencies
These freaking trees got me soaring over freaking seas
Too many freaking G’s claim they make that deus pop
Please, the only thing you ever squeeze was your juicebox nigga
And you know it, cause real G’s don’t have to show it
Got your head in the clouds, big homie gotta get you focused
But no, it’s all a part of the business, don’t take it personal
It must be hurting you to know I could be merkin’ you
At will, whenever I feel, this shit get realer
Foe squealers give the beats out to the nigga Dilla
I shine like crystals, Never held a pistol
Never packed a tool, but that don’t mean that I won’t fix you
Who is you? I don’t give a F, I do it effortless
Tell your messengers, they can get opened like beverages
Da fuckin’ specialist

I bet all you mother fuckers gonna remember this, yeah


JOEY BADA$$ Black Beetles

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Black Beetles Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

Low on self-esteem, fools been out for me
Someones watching me, this world ain’t proper
Be thinking I could be dead
Low on self-esteem, fools been out for me
Someones watching me, this love ain’t proper
Be thinking I could be dead

[Verse 1:]
And I guess we them little black beetles
Just want attractive singles
And that flow is mean, but it lacks tacs and needles
I spend my days sharpening my skill wills while it’s still legal
Weeding through cathedrals applied to my cerebral
They ain’t built they feeble, driven by the ego
The vision of a eagle, see the vision in my people
How many lives will they take today? We ain’t equal
Another world where it’s sequel a doomsday prequel
This ain’t the world we thought it was when we as in pre-school
Sometimes it’s hard to be cool, sometimes I feel like I’m see-thru
Sometimes I really wish, yo I wish that I could be you
Away from all the Hollywood acts and record contracts
I won’t say I take it back, because I worked hard for that
But this life ain’t turn out to be what it seem
Ever since I woke up I been living in a dream
Got me


[Verse 2:]
Who would’ve thought a marchin’ Martin could spark a starvin’ artist
Spit art, at heart young Marcus Garvey
Ponders on it, hardly, rap wonders fondly
Smoking herb with just Marley and me
This one is for my dogs barking up on the tree
Sometimes that wind blows eventually she gon leave, that’s mother nature for ya
Uh, patient it’s sagacious I ain’t gon pay shit why she ain’t gon say shit
Now that’s respectable cause most women expect it tho
Except that the words are derived through the rhythm wreck em’
Professional, exceptional, half man half extra terrestrial
They got me



JOEY BADA$$ Word Is Bond

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Word Is Bond Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

[Intro: Joey Badass]
Word is fuckin born man
… myself how I do this shit

[Verse 1: Joey Badass]
Got the Reggie from the Bush
Get lifted like a saint off the kush
Man all my niggas push so I always got the zipstock in the Ziplock
They know, like Ralph flip stock, hit the Mary, won’t kiss and tell
My lips locked but my grip’s not so I pass it off
Real burners, and we ashin’ off the furniture
Fuck your couch, bitch, hush your mouth
She said she fell in one of them Ls, but let’s don’t count
These chickens don’t love me, they love the account
But they will never know what’s the amount? I keep the hoes in check
‘Til they bounce, don’t ever let a chick see you withdrawin’
These niggas want to know what I draw with
But won’t respond to what I’ve drawn
Tetrahedrons, take a dose of Patron
Mixin’ knowledge juicing, deuce ‘Cuse and Metatron
They wouldn’t hear the tone through a megaphone, let alone
Cella phone, but my line stay hella blown
Hella blown, hella blown

Word is born
Fuck the world til I’m gone

[Verse 2: Joey BAdass]
Yo Houston, we got a problem, copy
Four, five hotties in the lobby
So they can blow the rockets properly, but blowing spots never stop
Like them hockeys, they never get aqui to my prothy
Known around my city like George Pataki
Young Jason for them dollars in the mix like teriyaki
And round four, I force my large Versace
Over my big head, cause I don’t live here, she getting too cocky
Won’t spot me in no closet
I ain’t like Kels and them
A closet full of arm limbs and a skeleton

[Hook x3]

[Verse 3: Joey Badass]
I spray nines on fours, but if you pick five emcees
Ever, ain’t gone flow like me, nigga I’m too sick
I mean too sick, sent to Earth just to shit
Mommy, come stay, it’s some new stick, I demand, I don’t give two shits
Better tell that doofus deuces before he catch you whipping
In a minute, Charles Dickens’ll strip him for his Scottie Pippens
Cause it’s all about the big pimpin’
Rob him for his Nixon, and then question him about his timing
Right here, it gets reckless, best advice is
To tuck your necklace, and put your arms right back into your Lexus
Cause G-Stone crips, they ain’t nothing
To flex when the Billy Gate… the really on some next shit
So if I were you I would probably ride with two
No fool, not two dudes, two tools
As in deuce – deuce cause niggas jock you for your soul
And your new shoes and your jewels too
There’s something about another nigga having shit
That have a nigga spazzing clips all up in your back and dent
Cause it’s all about bagging the baddest chick
Stacking them trays up in Saks Fifth
But word is bond, you been on
Word is bond, you been on



JOEY BADA$$ What About The Rest Of Us

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ What About The Rest Of Us Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$


[Action Bronson:]
Oh-five, pounds in the Laredo
They gotta get there today though
Ain’t no time for tryna lay low, babe bro
If you can’t do it, all you gotta do is say no
I’ll take it from there, Asians on grand ready to work it
Displayed a smirk like Mr. Perfect
Under the bridge behind the van in the cab I made the drop-off
Thank signs that nothin popped off
Since I was young, handled lots of foreign vehicles and things
My father wore the ring when he pushed me in the swing
Plus he pushed that red thing
I wanted to be like him so bad, wear the same shoes that he stepped in
Of course I need paper
I wanna ride the one-seater like Speed Racer
In the Jetta smokin a one sheet of the green acres
Listenin to bullshit music – thinkin how I’m gonna do this, uh

[Chorus – Rico Love:]
Uh, the temptation’s real
Even though we feel I’ve been here before, somebody help me
Lord, have mercy
It’s like the world we live in, was only designed for, somebody wealthy
But what about the rest of us?
What about the rest of us? Screamin, Somebody help me (somebody help me)
But what about the rest of us?
It’s like the world we live in, was only designed for, somebody wealthy (somebody wealthy)
{ Turn the lights on! }

[Joey Bada$$:]
Yeah yeah, yo
I’m from a place called the jungle where the livin’ is rough
It had me low for a while now I’m pickin’ it up
Holdin’ the spot straight stickin’ it rippin’ it up
I dropped (99 Problems) switchin’ and not givin’ a fuck
So what you want? Got your bitch nigga grippin’ her butt
Around my dick, takin’ pics nigga flickin’ it up
My clique is what’s up, get buck if you want
You’ll end up dumped chump in a pond, lake, in a trunk of New York
There’s no duckin’ me, the Bada$$, time for no fuckery
Won’t find a chick who got a dime or take a single buck from me
These hoes be lovin’ me, I keep it so G
Respectin’ where I be, nigga check your OG
My back flow will mirror your fat flows well here it go
My, visions is lineal when I’m rippin’ the video
It’s a lyrical miracle when I enter your stereo
The rarest breeds sick like venereal diseases, uh


[Rico Love:]
Dyin for nothin
Killin to live
Fightin for somethin
Too bad we don’t know what it is
What you think all of this cash for?
Tryna put stamps on my passport
Man I’m just schemin on new hoes
Already forgot ’bout my last broad



JOEY BADA$$ Paper Trail$

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Paper Trail$ Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

Before the money, there was love
But before the money, it was tough
Then came the money through a plug
It’s a shame this ain’t enough, yo

[Verse 1:]
Sitting back plotting, jotting information on my nation
Really started from the bottom, boy, cotton
But they still planting plantations, we keep buying in
Closed-minded men, pride is higher than the prices on your pradas
Balenciagas, balance my soccer with the henny agua
Me and my niggas tryna eat, you pussies empanada
The flow like plenty lava
With just a penny I could multiply my worth
And make you work for me for twenty hours
I swear these niggas love to copy, thanks for listening
This kid ain’t been the same since Biggie smacked me at my christening
Watch your tradition and please play it safe
Cause your position on the top is switching right in front your face
Rocking on this bass with rhymes, I’m bustin’ out
He duckin’ down, got some issues now, headed for your house
So put the pistols down, got that red dot on your nose
Who put the clown on lock, jaws like the blue knows
Froze, keep your mouth closed or you can see the solar
I got connections that guaranteed to see closed doors
You hear that underground sonar
The way I flows, this wisdom
The Pros been on a mission
Listen into the chamber, get hyperbolic
They raisin’ max, I raise stakes to keep the brolic
My bitches is macrocosmic, pass the chronic
The mastered sonics is lightyears above your conscious
You’re novice, but I got notes that strike nerves
I promise your minds ain’t sharp like my swords
So cut the BS, and don’t worry where my jeans is
And PS: Your bitch a genius, learnt from my penis
I got dreams filling arenas and breaking brackets
Tend this racket, while I’m cracking a Serena
God damn, God bless the heaven that sent you
But now I’m breezing out, baby, cause my rent’s due

[Verse 2:]
Shit is really real out here
I said shit is really real out here
Just trying to get a deal out here
I’m screaming cream
Who fucking with the rap supreme?
Joey Bad, the Big Preem came to collect the green
I got a dollar and a dream, know what I mean?
And I gotta get my mama off the scene [x2]
Cash ruined everything around me [x3]
They say money is the root of all evil
I see money as the route of all people
Cause we all follow paper trails, paper trails
And everybody gotta pay their bills, pay their bills [x2]
It’s the dollar dollar bill, y’all
It’s the dollar dollar bill, it’s the dollar bill that kills, y’all [x4]



JOEY BADA$$ Update

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Update Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

We should go out on a date, on a date, on a date, on a (date)
I’ll pick you up around 8, around 8 around 8, around (eight)
She said that’s great. That’s great, that’s great
Just don’t be late. Just don’t be (late)

[Verse 1]
It was love at the profile pic
We was Facebook flirting, never even met her in person
But it seem like we was soulmates on the phone late
She my one and only, be there when I be lonely
Whenever she get horny, she would call me
But we speak in code cause her pop dukes be nosy
Tap in to the line like, Nigga who you trying to wife ?
I heard you was a rapper, but I don’t see no lime light
But look I got these eye sights, used to be in the army
So don’t you be retarded and make yourself a target
That’s my word mark it, and if you ever think about sex
I want you to keep in my mind that my name is Mr. Marcus
So, we will see who gets fucked, nigga
Trying to run up out the door, I’m at the door like Hey, what’s up, nigga ?
You out of luck nigga, choppa in my trunk nigga
If you feel a way, then tell your pops I said, What’s up, nigga ?


[Verse 2]
Oh, and by the way, I like a well done souffle
Sit up under the stars, nice view of the lake
And we can get baked. I bring the cake, you bring the 8th
It’s no backing down, it’s 8 doobies to the face
Fuck that, and if you act right, I might let you fuck that
Grab up on my buttox and what not
So you better be in order nigga
Don’t forget the product from them corner niggas


I got what you want, I got what you need
I got that fire, I got the trees
Now let’s get higher, let’s be at peace
With the 7 seas, birds and the bees

[Verse 3]
Said I’m down for whatever you down for
We can catch a flick or do it quick on the down low
I can go down slow, you can go up in
When I’m in my zone I ain’t stopping for nothing
Said I ain’t stopping for nothing
When I’m in my zone I ain’t stopping for nothing
When I’m in my zone I ain’t stopping for nothing
Said when I’m in my zone, I ain’t stopping for nothing

I got what you want
I got what you need
I got that fire
I got the trees

I got what you want, I got what you want
I got what you need, I got what you need
Said I got that fire, I got the trees
Now let’s get higher, birds and the bees

Birds and the bees [x4]

I got what you need
Let’s get higher
Birds and the bees

I got what you need
Let’s get higher
Birds and the bees




Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ O.C.B. Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

These are the only child blues
The only child blues
The only child who? yo yo yo

[Verse 1:]
Back once again, hello it’s yo’ favorite mellow schizo
The pavement on this yellow brick road
Fuckin’ up my mental
My mood just like the tempo
Heartbeat, that instrumental
I never lack potential
Every track is essential
Every project is special, abundant and fundamental
Give a fuck about hundreds
As long as it’s for my mental
With wisdom from what I’ve been through
Knowledge that some can’t get to
Understanding that college is only out for a nickel
It could all be so simple
Tune it to the metronome
This how I used to feel back on the metro home
Fresh outta class I knew these days, they wouldn’t last
Just a stepping stone I gotta pass
Another story for the lap
But fuck it, give him glory when he crash
He gettin’ revved up, heads up
And he’s coming fast
He paved the lane before the cash
They tryna swerve me out of that
But I don’t just got speed, nigga
I handle my ass, pedal to the gas
Life is but a getaway dash
My mama stash guarded by my pen and pad
I’m drawin’ weapons with the raps
You shoot, I shoot back no questions asked
Raise your hands for the realest cat alive

[Hook – Variation 2:]
The only child blues
The only child who? Yo

[Verse 2:]
And I remember sittin’ in my room all alone
Starring at my ceiling fan, getting in my zone
Mama was never home
Woke up one morning, papa was gone
Young and lost so I ease my mind to popular songs
And of course I sold my mind to music
Writing everything I thought
Started openin’ my mind, then I send in a broad
They don’t know what my a sinnin’ has caused
My third eye been blinking since
Irv Gotti been Inc. and Murder in stores
At least that’s how Irv gotta be thinking
If I’m takin’ a loss and I’m better next week
And I’m never weaker
Never sinking on the fucking deep end
Any shit I missed I prolly peaked it

[Hook – Variation 3:]
These are the only child blues
The only child who?
The only child blues
What, The only child blues
These are the only child who?
The only child blues

[Outro x2:]
Only child blues, OCB OCB
Jo-Vaughn clean your room, OCD OCD
I used to wanna be like ODB ODB
Now I’m a rap star, OMG OMG

[Outro skit:]
Everything is perception
Your perception of yourself or who you are is not what other people think that you are
So like for instance, you might say I’m cool, I don’t wear jewelry, I don’t this, I don’t that
You don’t have to