JOEY BADA$$ Right On Time

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Right On Time Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

My eyes have never seen someone so beautiful
So much charm

[Verse 1:]
The only lady I can ever mess bonds with
On some atomic bond shit, our love is plutonic
But I just can’t, put my foot on it
My one and my only
We not only, lovers but homies
Whenever I’m lonely, right on time she arrives
She know the business for some minutes
I bury that kitty alive
Although I’m kidding but I really be in it
And we don’t plan on having kiddies but I really be skinnin’ really be raw
They say sex is the weapon
Love is really a war
And sometimes I feel threatened cos she really know all
My weaknesses
Sometimes we fight, won’t speak and shit
But we both know what the sequence is
It’s like a never-ending cycle
Something like your menstrual
The day you put your menopause
I’ll pause the instrumentals
She got me in the mental
Me and you until the end of time
Till we no longer existential

[Hook x2:]
Right on time
You are my love
(This ain’t nothing like a consistent, persistence
We’ll be switching positions
My mission’s to put you in the best conditions)

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
They say one mans trash is another mans treasure
No, one man’s clever, one knows no better
I like to go get her to keep her warm in cold weather
She blow below better then she goes for endeavors
Write our names on the clouds in bold letters
If hoes ever touch me she load Berettas
But trust me, she’s lusty it must be me
Rubbin it off on her skin
I can’t budge her, a pen?
I swear that her love is just a sin
We back at it again
Fussin and fightin I start cussin she cryin
Break up to make up
I start cuttin’ then slide it in
Then we mix the vibe with some Hen
You got five, I got ten
Now we some trippy niggas as high as a fin
But what’s your game love? Already know it
We some ordinary people but extraordinary poets
Get lost in the moment when I po’ it
Fuck it if we drownin in pain coz we don’t really show it

[Hook x2]

My eyes have never seen someone so beautiful
So much charm [x2]



JOEY BADA$$ Big Dusty

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Big Dusty Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

[Hook 1:]
Check my style, check, check, check it out
Check my style, check, check, check it out
(Check it out y’all, check, check, check, check it out y’all)
Check my style, check, check, check it out
Check my style, check, check, check it out
(Check it out y’all, check, check, check, check it out y’all)
Check my style, check, check, check it out

[Verse 1:]
Fuck jumping the broom, honey moons, I, I hit the pot
Soak me up like a mop, Know I’m up, know there’s levels
Staring down at the devil, hello, guess I got the memo
Pulling strings like Geppetto, you just a puppet, fellow
I came up out of the tomb, don?t drop a L
Uh, you don’t want to see the evils, which I dwell in hell
To excel, this shit never fails, always excels
They been swallowing sons before the double XL
Sex cell, ex ask why it never work out
I guess I exercise too much when I work out
Shows too turnt out return home burnt out
Now I got to hear all the shit that you heard ’bout
Can I live? What, these niggas want me off a bridge?
If I say it’s turnt down, do I burn that shit?
Truth is, if it ain’t real, I don’t feel it
If it don’t hit my spirit, I don’t get near it
And that’s point blank period, know some niggas that fear it
Same niggas who know that we the illest
Lines so deep a great shark is what I reel up
Hit the flow and it can’t go realer, my whole camp gorillas, nigga

[Hook 2:]
(Check, check, check it out)
Check my style, check, check, check it out
Check my style, check, check, check it out
Check my style, check, check, check it out
Don’t jack my style
Check my style, check, check, check it out
Check my style, check, check, check it out
Don’t jack my style
Jack, jack, jack it out
(Check, check, it out)

[Verse 2:]
I stand juxtaposed to all my Pro’s, realest illest niggas I know
See these foes biting the flows, they even jooks the pose
I guess my CD really shaking the coast
Cause this really be the year that I feast, capisce?
Nothing defeats the beast, I speak my piece
Know niggas in the streets that heat seek for me, release and squeeze
Might put a Halloween between your spleen
Retreat or trickle down to your last pound of green, know what I mean?
Shit it’s like taking candy from the babies
All of these rappers are just a bunch of Now and Laters
They too sweet, plus they lease their Mercedes
Can’t be second greatest, I’m the best and def your favorite
My flow in-depth nigga, I got my wave up
It’s either get your tidal waved, or you could be my neighbor
Cause if I can’t eat, then you can’t either
I need to know, need the pizza dough fuck I’m spitting ether for?

Yeah nigga
Reigning rap supreme in this bitch
Cause bitches lie niggas lie numbers, too
Cause bitches lie niggas lie numbers, too
Bitches lie niggas lie numbers, too
Bitches lie niggas lie numbers, too
What the fuck you gon’ do when the Era come for you?

[Hook 3 – x2:]
Check my style, check, check, check it out
Check my style, check, check, check it out
Check my style, check, check, check it out
Check my style, check, check, check it out
Don’t jock my style

[Verse 3:]
And I’m from the blocks where they sell
Cell blocks rock my mental
See them fake thugs that you see before can’t even spell
My flows filled with words you can’t pronounce, stories you can’t tell

Check my style, check, check, check it out
Check my style, check, check, check it out
(Check it out y’all, check, check, check, check it out y’all)
Check my style, check, check, check it out
Check my style, check, check, check it out
(Check it out y’all, check, check, check, check it out y’all)
Check my style, check, check, check it out


JOEY BADA$$ Killuminati Pt. 2

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Killuminati Pt. 2 Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

Killuminati all through your body
Like a 12 gauge shotty

[Verse 1]
And I’m still a beast with these flows
Feeling real low my tree self esteem roll
We drowning out Atlantis can’t overflow beast coast
Be more specific next time you shoutin’ out a-mi-go
I am not the star? In fact I’m planet awe
Fuck what the media write, bitch this is a fire bar
Please don’t leave your comment if you are not up to par
No names, putting you in a verse that’s too far
Your mundane can’t obtain, the knowledge of my brain
My set told me light you up so this that propane
It’s Nathan all I gotta do is just spit a flame
No escaping, you in a swimming pool of champagne
You set yourself up for that one mane
The king of New York?
Ha! we ain’t just gon’ let that one hang
Last nigga got dethroned and you ain’t from my zone
The rest of the real niggas is dead and gone

[Hook x2]
But fuck it I’m Biggie, I’m L, I’m Pun
I?m God?s Son, I?m Pac, Guru all in one
I’m what they predicted before I come
In fact I do it all for them

[Verse 2]
I’m getting a ugh, I’m getting a ugh
From the weak shit that I hear
No lyrical style come near me
How they gon’ try to compare me
To what’s clearly, barely, not nearly as rare as me
Swank make hands fold like a rare disease
I got arthritis yo it’s scaring me
I got all these rap niggas fucking fearing me
Heard they was looking for war but ain’t declaring me
I’m well aware, NY not Delaware
I’m the real king fella here
You more like Prince of Bel-Air
I’m clearing the air, might fire at will
These rap niggas don’t want the static for real
Cuz they lines not adjacent to my spectacular skill
If you don’t fuck with cinematic stand still
My life’s a movie on the real
You can get shot with your hands on the wheel
With your pants at ya heels

[Hook x2]


And I’m feeling like the realest motherfucker alive [x6]
Killuminati all
Through your, all through your
I love the competition
Go against the beast coast?
I retired that level of it
And now you have to deal with a brother like Joey
Which is a 45 magnum with a knife at the tip
And a shotgun at the enemy


JOEY BADA$$ Indubitable

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Indubitable Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

I’m Indubitable, spitting Pharmaceuticals
All I do is win, ties are simply unsuitable
Bitches on my cuticles, I changed the game like oodables?
The Davey Jones of rap is back, the bodies in my cubicle
Ever since a toddler, I had them call me father
Since ye’ high, I got booty like prostate doctor
Mom want me be doctor, I be rhymin’ like pasta
Eat them like they pasta, Head is straight up, posture
Niggas can never knock the, hustling
Bitches on my balls, never fumbling
Nigga in fact they be doubling
But the hunnies get the smothering, never loving them
I never sleep, Got the heavy bags, struggling
They run from him when he approach, They call him the hero
All he need is thee cloak, cause murder what he wrote
And fuck guns, don’t need those
Everything is done to the Max, no Keeble
Circle tighter than Speedo, I’m the Don like Cheadle
I’m flyer than eagle, I get the cheeks like pillows
Uh, I swear niggas they bout it, they bout shit
You’d be in good shape if ran like your mouth did
Ya’ll lower than mouse shit, I’m higher than mountains
Keep false announcing, have you running like fountain
They ain’t amounting to the money I’m counting
In a few year my accountants need accountants
Uh, everything I do is counters to me
Stupid nigga kinda seem you were counting on me
But I, bet you ain’t trying to encounter with me
Nuh uh, I’m piranha, you some flounder to me
And the word on the grapevine, I’m going up great heights
Joey got enough line to capture a Great White
I get more shine than late night, I’m beast who ain’t ate right
Back up on my mojo, I’ll show you what apes like
Nigga it’s JoJo, They on my pogo, no homo
I ride the beat like the man on my polo
Ya’ll some bozos, I’m underage, but pour more though
That Roso got me moving slow-mo
I’m taking photos with your ho-ho
Chris Cringlely gifted, I’m ill with the writtens
Got my finger to the world, Fuck it a fist then
Sit back and look at what you been missin’, nigga


JOEY BADA$$ Sweet Dreams

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Sweet Dreams Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

[Verse 1: Joey Bada$$]
First I wake up, wake up, thinking of a plan to get my cake up, cake up
Cause I can’t pay the rent with school papers
I need two acres and more
I know how it feel walking out the door pockets out of dough
Out it doe, be on the flow
We smoking endo, but we out doe, adios
My audio getting me that Audi or the range rov
Mahogany colored clothing, my hog in the road
Drive slow, cruising down memory lane before I hit the streets
Have my melody playing, creators just lie with my [?]
Had her between guys, I think I’m married to Jane
I remember the days when I’d forever complain
That’s way before they started paying, I was in pain
Sick in the brain like I never met a physicist yet
Only lyricist on my metaphysics intellect

Sweet dreams, stuck in the 90s
90s babies it’s a matter of time
Sweet dreams my nigga, I wish you sweet dreams my nigga
Sweet dreams, stuck in the 90s
90s babies it’s a matter of time
And time’s not rewinding, yeah

[Verse 3 Joey Bada$$]
Been on my grind, I keep it 50-50
That’s 100 on the real, no balance scales, still trippy
Where I live it’s either you know talents well and sell records
Or know talent, well we still sell for the record
Somehow the rap game reminds me of the trap game
In fact is the exact same, and these tracks is my crack caine
And if you listening then you a fan
Our music is the kill like some vaccines
I’m exotic to the core so stop asking
Got the blueprints to the game, but I read it as king
There’s 47 ways to get this green
One is being an enslaved being, the other dreams
Red pill or blue bean, I can’t sit still I’m too lean, nigga
Brush my bill on [?]
Niggas on my tail now that I blew green

Track 6 on Sum


JOEY BADA$$ Hazeus View

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Hazeus View Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

Will I see you through my Hazeus View?
Will I see you through my Hazeus View?
Will I see you through my Hazeus
My Hazeus, my Hazeus , my Hazeus, my Hazeus view

[Verse 1:]
You ain’t running with the apes yet
Apex at the empire state neck
Hand no crown, my niggas take that
In this state of mind, gotta state facts suspect nigga
Get your wig pushed back tonight, to 1999
Who’d’ve thought that 19 I’d be in my prime
Throw up the right scheme everything else align
Here’s a penny for your thoughts another one another one
Eventually the dream was bought
Now that’s a real, real, real mind fuck
Might fuck up your mind if you’re lighting up
Make sure to take a tight [?] if you tough
Imma titan, like Zeus I enlighten them
Kick flows, till it’s kung-fu fighting them
Is it him, it is you who was nice as him?
I don’t see nobody no, no
I don’t see nobody no, no

[Hook x2:]
And we probably share a trait or two
But I can’t see what I can’t relate to
Hey Jesus will I ever get to see you through my Hazeus View?

[Verse 2:]
You rap niggas ain’t safe yet
I keep the bombs in my basement
When I detonate you can feel the vibrations
I got ya mind shaking and in my right my light gon spark for generations
One day my voice will be heard
On every radio station cause fate rearranging and changing and this
Everyday living in this life I see
That in every way they wanna see my life decease
But I survive the question is for how long
Since my homie died, I been tryin to hold on
The happy days of my life is now all gone
But I cope with that weed I smoke and writing these songs
But it’s should I stay should I go?
Should I stay should I go?
I don’t know, I don’t know
Lord please let me know


[Verse 3:]
Everything cool like in the state of mind
At this state in my correct, cool, calm, collect
Deflect the corrupt with intellect
I talk too much, the jig is up he has risen up
From a division of, most kings, with they vision precision for precision
His mind splitting, and soul uplifting
But still feel so trapped in the solar system



JOEY BADA$$ Pantie Raid Pt. II

Welcome to thecleanveggie lyrics JOEY BADA$$ Pantie Raid Pt. II Lyrics, singer by JOEY BADA$$

Age ain’t nothing but a digit
If you with it, with it
Hit my line we could kick it

[Verse 1:]
Okay your obviously brainwashed
Our time ain’t the same watch
Waiting by your grandfather clock like that shit gon’ stop for us
Expand your ocular
Push the grandaddy proper, uh
Whatever you do just please don’t drop the stuff
Is it awkward love or is it proper lust?
I’m not whats just poppin’ though I’m what’s popular
I love it when you scream big poppa bear please stop
You know my animal style
Apex on top that latex gon’ pop safe sex ain’t a option
They be sitting on your chin like it’s up for adoption
Give a fuck who watching
Guess who knocking the boots
A foul doctrine
Exactly what got me so into you
Don’t tell your boo
You let that rap nigga in your gut
If he knew you like I knew you
Then he know you give it up
You know that vanilla thin lust with the chocolate chunk
Something like a strawberry and bury it up


[Verse 2:]
Yo open up what’s for lunch?
She said 47 flavors of that shit come rushing up
Got your blood flowing a pump lets quarrel for the nut
I got the woodstock
How much wood can a wood thot suck
What if the thot could guarantee she would
And that’s a tad bit explicit
If its implicit lift the clitoris lip and kiss it
Listen to me, bust it for me magnificently
So devilish you magnify the Christian in me
Unexpected positions when we switching between
When its over you see the inner magician in me
Abra ka dagger and gag her
Ain’t tricking if you got it, but she was tricking when I had her though
Woke up early cause I had to go
Early bird want the early worm
Yo I swear she so nasty yo
She like them nuts to taste pistachio
Always tell me papi don’t let go you fantastico